Custom IDN’s and TLD’s Using Punycode and BIND

I’ve been playing around with some IDN’s and TLD’s and DNS etc…. i’ve realised you can create IDN (punycode) subdomains to any existing domain, in addition, i’ve created my own TLD, and setup a DNS server that works for this purpose. If anyone would like an IDN or a custom TLD, get in touch!

From anywhere in the WWW:

Set your DNS to: in order to take advantage of the new ком TLD. (note: this is just a bit of fun, and is not official).


Legal & Professional Issues In Computing

Well in about 30 minutes i’m going to sit an exam in this topic, covering the Data Protection Act (1998), Human Rights Act (1988), CAN Spam Act (2003), Computer Misuse Act (1990), Freedom of Information Act (2000) + many more. The subject material is actually quite interesting and enligtening,  i can say it has actually had an affect on my business and personal practise on the Internet. I’ll let you know how it goes later on…

Did you know: if someone hacks into your company computer, not only are they guilty under the Computer Misuse Act, you are also guilty for allowing it to happen under the Data Protection Act!


Well it went rather well I think, it consisted of 50% multiple choice and 50% an essay style scenario. Mainly focusing around UK law, about 25% of the module was covered in the exam; a lot of wasted revision, but on the whole i think a success! =)