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Amazon recently released their “Send to Kindle” plugin, allowing users of Kindles (whether on iOS/Android or owning a physical Amazon Kindle device) can now send any post on this blog directly to their device over the air or whispernet (depending on device) without having to manually copy and paste content. A little convenience method for those who wish to read offline / on the go. For those who don’t… simply ignore it 🙂

Enjoy offline reading! (go into the posts to see “Send to Kindle” buttons


Best of Gadget Show Live 2012

Last week I had the chance to take a peak at the Gadget Show Live event hosted at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. There were literally hundreds of vendors present, all showcasing their latest products and innovations; aswell as the usual suspects and big names you’d expect. Rather than bore you with a mash up of what I saw as you’ve probably seen all that over 1000 blogs.. I thought i’d post up a few photos I took at the event of various things…

Hope you enjoy them, photos after the break…

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Amazon Support Store

Hi everyone! I keep getting lots of emails from people asking where they can buy xyz to complete the tutorials and try out some of the things listed on CaptainGeek, well after I kept emailing people the same links i had a thought, why not setup an amazon affiliate store. Basically, i’ve setup a small amazon site with a small selection of products (only those used for the tutorials on this site + related ones), purchases and payments are handled by amazon, however a small percentage of the sale goes to helping fund the server this website is hosted on AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU 🙂 so its a win win situation, please use the links whenever you can.

Our Amazon Store


Google Wave Invites For My Loyal Readers!

Hey everyone, as I like to encourage people to read my blog, and thank them for showing me support i’m giving away some Google Wave invites. As I only have 8 of them… add a comment to this post responding to the topic “Why UNIX + Derivatives is better than Windows” and i’ll choose the 8 I like the most and send out Invites =) happy waving!

Screen shot 2009-11-29 at 00.09.59


New Name New Era for this Blog!

Hey everyone, i’ve changed the name of the blog to something a lot more generic… it makes it less personal for me and more geared towards bringing everyone the geekiest fun technolove! all in Web 2.0 :p I hope you enjoy the new place… its still got the same old bits + more! let me know what you think guys 🙂


Not Forgotten Still Here :)

Hey everyone, yet again I’m apologising for not keeping this blog up to date, rest assured there is good reason behind my absence and you’ll all see some cool tutorials, news and a great new service launching soon, so keep checking back and air your technolove!!! 🙂