Fixed: Connectivity Issues

If any of you have been recently experiencing connectivity issues with the site or problems with zones generated using the zone builder, these bugs have been now rectified.

The zone builder was not specifying a $TTL correctly, Also as all of my zones are generated here, my bind9 stopped working properly. All fixed now, sorry for any inconvenience caused 🙂


UPDATED: IPV6 Reverse Zone Builder

Hey guys, another update tonight! Thanks to a LOT of help from rewt in #ipv6 on efnet, i’ve managed to eleminate most bugs from the zone builder, if you had problems before, try it again and it should be fine. Im also thinking about creating a hosted dns solution, leave your thoughts in the comments 🙂 until then, check out the new and improved IPV6 Reverse Zone Builder


IPV6 Reverse Zone Builder for BIND

Two services launched in 1 Day! Here I bring you something I did on impulse after many people seem to be struggling to setup IPV6 reverse zones, i’ve put together a simple zone building script which will generate all the information you need for BIND automatically! At the moment it only supports /64’s and is a bit error prone, but i think it will suffice. Soon I will perfect it and offer zone hosting services here for people. Until then you can check it out here and setup your reverse zone!