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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus side by side Paper Comparison

So on September 9th (as of time of writing thats last night) Apple announced (among other things) the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus… Both are which are larger than the any predecessor. I won’t go into details of what each phone does / has… as i’m sure you can find that information anywhere on the Internet :). The biggest question on everyones minds is….

Which should I buy?

So, I was curious about the sizing of the new devices, therefor I made a really quick and dirty paper prototype with the precise dimensions. What it shows… the 6 Plus is a beast, larger, but somewhat smaller than a Samsung Galaxy Note II, but probably a commuters powerhouse, a halfway house between the traditional sized iPhone and iPad. Whereas the iPhone 6 is a welcomed and comfortable size increase on the iPhone 5/5S/5C generation.

Samsung devices in the Apple Spaces

Now next to the original devices

IMG_1330 iPhone sizing


Despite the iPhone 6 Plus being ginormous… I think thats the one i’ll be getting… Having to commute 1 hour a day on a train and being an overall geek… it suits me well 🙂

For more info on the specs and sizing of the new iPhones I suggest visiting the apple specs webpage.


Instilled Regard, an 85 1 shot, was fourth, followed by My Boy

Granted, you’ll need to start making monthly payments right away, and that’s hard for a lot of students to manage, so the impulse to roll the car into the student loans and not worry about it for four years is understandable. However, interest (likely at a high rate) will be accruing during those four years, after which the car in question will be at least four years old and will have lost much of its value even though you’ll be just starting to pay for it at a higher cost than it was originally worth. By the time the student loans are paid off, that car will probably be a distant memory.

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One has a huge terrace with views of sea and mountains;

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In short, only someone of singular determination and athletic

So this guide is on how I built this one where all of the parts where bought at an absolute cheap price. If you already have these products lying around then it’s even more better. For the BT headsets it’s basic as it can get, undo the screws and remove the speaker as it is of no use, and also cut down or remove parts that are not needed and you could end up making it more hermes replica sleeker looking..

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There are so many different activities your child can do

motorcyclist dies after horror smash on busy liverpool road

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You can either hang your head and let it get to you or you can

lawton picks his greatest team

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A wide variety of research takes place on the island by

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Glenn attended and completed Jewelers school in Florida and

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Well, I don’t mean that exactly the way it sounds, but you

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When she left yesterday morning around 10 or so I was just getting my first beer. The kid’d gone through two diapers. Marie did one and I did the other ’cause she canada goose was putting on her makeup.

“Goin’ shoppin’,” she called to me.

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Canada Goose Parka Lucky for me Canada Goose Online she’d looked back once in her life. and me had been at the hardware store getting the fittings for the sauna hut we were putting up in my backyard. Me and J. B. are both of us long haul truckers and while we’re on the road, we think up the craziest projects to do around canadian goose jacket our mobile homes when we get back. We try to surprise each other with a wilder notion every time. Or, anyway, we used to. were coming out of the hardware and Marie was coming down the laundromat steps across the street. She had this huge pregnant belly on her, and a wicker basket canada goose clearance full of clothes in front of it. She turned around to look back inside for some reason or other, canada goose store and she lost her balance and started to come tumbling down the steps. I was across that street before she had a chance to realize she was facing impending disaster, and I caught her, one arm on either side of that belly, and she buy canada goose jacket cheap flailed into my buy canada goose jacket arms instead of taking a belly flop onto the sidewalk. Canada Goose Parka

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“I don’t know where Marie’s at,” she says. “Yeah, she come over in the mornin’ yesterday, but mornin’ is one of my Canada Goose sale busy times so she left.”

“Sally, I’m canada goose coats on sale only going to ask this once: Did Marie do the same sorts of things you do in the daytime?”

Sally gave a laugh that sounded like glass was breaking in it somewhere. I’d wondered lots of times if I shouldn’t have never introduced Marie to Sally, but Marie would have found her anyway, and Sally was all right way down inside. Well, I don’t mean that exactly the way it sounds, but you know what I’m getting at.

Canada Goose online “Marie never did take no money for it,” she says. “Who you kiddin?” Don’t you know how high falutin’ your own wife is?” She stopped talking a second. “Marie’s gone, huh? Well, bring the kid on over. I don’t have any more business to transact today. You go on off to salecanadagooseoutlets work.” Canada Goose online.