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Uptown Girls

facebook dialogPinterestSharon Dorram-Krause (at left) and Sally Hershberger in their new salonThe exterior of 17 East 71st Street looks like something out of Paris’s Left Bank: a delicate six-story building built in 1910, French doors behind Juliet balconies and a sloping roof that rests above dormer windows. Inside, the fifth and sixth floors are still raw space on an early autumn day, but the pale wood flooring will soon be stained dark brown, the bare walls will replica handbags online be paneled in wood, and framed Avedons, Newtons and Warhols will linked site2 hang throughout. Contrary to appearances, this town house duplex is not the abode of another hedge funder—it’s the new Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Uptown salon, an enterprise that unites New York’s resident tough-chick hairdresser with click over here9 one of its smartest, chicest colorists.Many like it will wonder what Hershberger, practically a poster child for life south of 14th Street, is doing uptown. The often homesite4 iconoclastic hairstylist has been a staple in the Meatpacking District since it still smelled of raw sirloin. For Dorram (who goes by Dorram-Krause except when her name is on an awning), the new space, which will open like it8 for business in January, is just a stone’s throw from her former workplace, the John Frieda Salon on East 76th Street.During a brief break between clients, Hershberger is sitting in her back office at her 14th Street location. She’s wearing a black T-shirt with the words i did it my way on Replica Handbags the back; linked site3 it’s homesite1 from her like it7 clothing line, Shagg (named after the hairstyle that’s become her signature). On her feet are gray Converse sneakers, and because she “couldn’t be bothered” with her own shag on an unseasonably warm day, her head is read more here wrapped Karate Kid–style in an Alexander McQueen scarf dotted with skulls. It’s not exactly the kind of look you see at the Colony Club.“I’m a downtown person—it’s my thing,” admits Hershberger, her tired feet propped up on a chair. “But I have so Wholesale Replica Bags many clients from uptown. And homesite7 I’ve been getting phone calls for at least a year from all the salons like it0 up there, because, not to be…,” she stops to consider the hubris that the rest of her sentence might suggest but, with a shrug, finishes anyway: “I know how to do a cool salon.”It’s true. Hershberger cuts everyone from the truly edgy (Sandra Bernhard) to those wanting to incorporate a bit of edge into an otherwise Park Avenue appearance. Her clients span every hot category, linked site1 from fashion (Donna Karan) and Hollywood click over here2 (David Duchovny, Renée Zellweger) to sports (Roger Federer) and fellow high-profile beauty-industry types (dermatologist Patricia Wexler). And they’re willing to homesite9 fork over quite a sum for her—Hershberger caused an uproar when, years ago, she became the first stylist to charge $600 for a cut; her current fee is $800.Long before she did cool salons, an 18-year-old Hershberger was training and then assisting at the Arthur Johns salon in Los Angeles; from there she was hired Replica Designer Handbags by the famous Armando, KnockOff Handbags whose tiny eponymous salon tended to everyone from Linda Evans to Olivia Newton-John. When he found himself overbooked, Armando would often pass his celebrity clients to Hershberger—a fortuitous system, because these celebs began requesting her “on set.” In 1986 she became the hairstylist Designer Fake Bags for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, which garnered her an Emmy. Soon after, photographers Annie Leibovitz and Herb Ritts began hiring her for photo shoots.Dorram-Krause started her career around our web page the same time as Hershberger, but in the Fake Handbags swanky New York salon world, beginning at the erstwhile David Cohen salon, followed by Frédéric Fekkai, then Peter Coppola. Though the two women had not yet crossed paths, Hershberger knew Dorram-Krause’s reputation and left the colorist an auspicious phone message one wholesale replica designer handbags day in 1994.“The message said, ‘Hi. It’s Sally linked site0 Hershberger,’” recalls Dorram-Krause, an attractive blond whose all-black outfit of Dolce & Gabbana pants, Theory blouse and Derek Lam shoes exude a classic style. “‘You need to do Julia Roberts’s hair color. Here’s the number.’ Click. I called the number and Designer Replica Bags yes, it was indeed her.”Hershberger began working in New York about a year after that phone message, making guest appearances at Peter Coppola, where she finally got to meet homesite6 the colorist she’d recommended to more info Roberts. Now it was Dorram-Krause’s turn to be benevolent.“I had my Hollywood celebs, but I was just starting out in New York,” Hershberger says. “Sharon did Annie [Leibovitz]’s color, and she got me all these clients. Within a week, I was fully booked. She built me in five seconds. She purse replica handbags built everybody.”And of course, Hershberger continued to send her own celebrity clients cheap replica handbags to her new friend. “Before Sally sent me Julia, I had one celebrity: Barbra Streisand, which certainly click over here8 isn’t anything to shake a stick at,” remembers Dorram-Krause. “But because of Sally, I got Meg and Nicole, and that spun Brad Pitt click over here and Ed Norton.”When Hershberger left Coppola to join John Frieda in 1997, Dorram-Krause followed. Three years later, Hershberger moved back to L.A. to open Sally Hershberger at John Frieda, and Dorram-Krause stayed behind to run Frieda’s 76th like it6 Street lair. While most women click over here7 were trading their “Rachel” cuts for long, layered like it1 locks, Hershberger was like it2 honing her own signature look, snipping stars like Meg Ryan, whose mopsy shag-bob became a major sensation. By then, Dorram-Krause was practically bicoastal, flying to L.A. to care for the heads of Nicole Kidman and Zellweger, then click over here3 hopping back to New York to tend to Upper East Side blonds.In the fall homesite3 of 2003 Hershberger opened Sally Hershberger replica handbags china Downtown, with no ties to Frieda. When her contract at John Frieda was up in late 2006, the two parted ways, homesite and her name was removed from Frieda’s Melrose address. Dorram-Krause, however, Replica Bags Wholesale stayed on with Frieda until this past like it5 summer, when she learned Frieda had lost the lease for his 76th Street location.“It Replica Bags was pretty sudden,” recalls Dorram-Krause. “John told me that he’d make room for me at 68th Street, but someone else was already running that place.” (That someone else is Serge Normant, who runs two Serge Normant at John Frieda salons.) Frieda never offered Dorram-Krause the opportunity to share a shingle with him, but she brushes it off philosophically.“It had become evident that he was using Sally’s replica Purse click over here4 name with his as a marketing strategy homesite5 to brand ‘Sally Hershberger for John Frieda,’” says Dorram-Krause. When she asked for the same type of deal, “he said it would be confusing,” and she says she homesite8 never pressed the issue. “Looking back, I really don’t think I was ready then.”She and Hershberger both think she’s ready now, which is why the two share not only the awning, but also the profits (along with a silent investor). Besides, having Dorram-Krause’s name alongside hers allows Hershberger to remain on 14th Street as much as she’d like. “I’m only going to work Fridays and Saturdays Handbags Replica uptown,” she says, adding that those two days are currently salon-free ones for her. “The 14th Street salon is too busy for me on weekends!” she says, laughing at the irony. “Can you believe they don’t let me click over here6 work Fake Designer Bags here? They’re like, ‘We don’t have any chairs. Sorry.’”Uptown won’t be short on chairs, but Dorram-Krause is relieved that she and her partner aren’t opening a factory, either. “When I was contemplating going to work at high quality replica handbags one of the bigger salons, one of my chicest clients said to me, ‘I don’t want to put makeup on to linked site get my hair done,’” she says, laughing. At just under 2,000 square feet, the uptown space will be intimate, with a relaxed, warm vibe—despite the big-name stylists who click over here5 will be holding court there. So far, two L.A.-based hairstylists have signed on to work part-time click over here0 in the new location: David Babaii, who cuts Kate Hudson and Uma Thurman, and Mark Townsend, who cuts Reese Witherspoon and Rachel Weisz; Hershberger stays mum about others, like it4 who are still negotiating. What she will talk about are her two other upcoming projects. If all goes as planned, mid-March will see her name on the door of like it3 an L.A. location. But first there is the hair-care line. Cheekily named Sally Hershberger linked website Supreme Head, it will land on mass-market shelves in January.“I hate products that aaa replica designer handbags you see in hair,” she says. “So mine just do what they’re meant to without being seen. But if you don’t homesite0 like it9 use anything, hair doesn’t have click over here1 any guts. And related site hair needs guts.”Given that Hershberger was heavily involved in the John Frieda hair-care line, including the best-selling Sheer Blonde products, her decision to sell Supreme Head at places like Walgreens seems destined to turn her into a household hair name.“My hands are always in hair, but it’s more about what’s going on in my homesite2 mind,” says Hershberger. “Ideas come really easily. That’s why I couldn’t wait to go out on my own. I was champing at the bit.”.

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Take cheap moncler sale Veronica Roth’s Divergent

What’s Terrifying Teens In Today’s YA Novels

If you think kids are too young to worry about unemployment numbers, consider moncler outlet store this: Some of our most popular young adult novels fairly shiver with economic anxiety. Take cheap moncler sale Veronica Roth’s Divergent, this week’s cheap moncler jackets womens top New York Times Young Adult best seller and a perennial on the list since its publication in 2011. Divergent’s heroine, Beatrice Prior, braves hazing, groping and punching in order to enter the militaristic “faction” that she admires. She endures these dangers willingly because in Roth’s dystopian, all or nothing Chicago, Beatrice would be thrown into the streets if she fails her initiation. There, among the ruined buildings and the reek of sewage, Beatrice would be forced to join Roth’s “factionless,” the working discount moncler jackets poor who perform the scut work of Divergent’s society. The prospect makes Beatrice cringe. For her and her peers, she explains, to be factionless is “our worst fear, greater even than the fear of death.”

Financial terror also motivates Suzanne Collins’ blockbuster novel The Hunger Games. In a world of predatory Capitol moncler sale outlet ism, Katniss Everdeen and her family exist on the edge of starvation. Her most famous moncler outlet online skills hunting and foraging are developed to keep her mother and sister alive. Economic desperation tinges even her romantic connections. Peeta first makes an impression when he throws Katniss two warm loaves moncler womens jackets of raisin nut bread. Gale meets her while poaching in moncler online store the woods, and their friendship springs from one shared truth: “Gale and I agree that if we have to choose between dying of hunger and a bullet in the head, the bullet would be much quicker.”

Reading these books, I find it hard not https://www.cheapmoncler.com to remember that The Hunger Games debuted in September 2008, the same month that Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy. Or that the number of American children living in poverty jumped by more than 3 million uk moncler outlet in the four moncler outlet years preceding Divergent’s 2011 publication. Financial stress in young adult novels may be nothing new: Louisa May Alcott’s 1868 classic Little Women opens with “Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents.” moncler usa But to me it seems clear that the economic anxieties keeping today’s adults awake at night income inequality, food insecurity, downward mobility, winner takes all competition have also invaded the literature of their children.

“I do think that when we’re talking about dystopian fiction, there’s always going to be conflicts between the haves and have nots,” says John Sellers, the children’s reviews editor of Publishers Weekly. He mentions Alaya Dawn Johnson’s The Summer Prince (2013), where the rich literally live moncler outlet woodbury above the poor, and Alex London’s Proxy (2013), in which personal debt has cheap moncler jackets mens gotten so enormous that the poor volunteer to serve as physical proxies for the rich, taking all their punishments. But inequality hasn’t always been the favored background for dystopian fiction. During the Cold War, books like A Wrinkle moncler sale in Time (1962) were more concerned with the dangers of Communism, brainwashing and conformity.

In recent years, realistic YA depictions cheap moncler coats mens of poverty and economic disparity have also turned much darker. The kinds of truly desperate characters that Little Women kept on the margins now often take center stage. In Coe Booth’s award winning 2007 novel Tyrell, the protagonist uk moncler sale lives with his mother and little brother in a roach infested homeless shelter. moncler outlet prices Tyrell works hard to maintain appearances, but he’s always hungry. In one of the novel’s most poignant scenes, cheap moncler he shows up at his girlfriend’s apartment “looking and probably smelling as homeless as I am.” His 15 year old friend, Jasmine, is so broke that a middle aged man persuades her to give him a lap dance for $20 and half a sandwich.

“These are the realities of many of these young kids’ moncler sale online lives,” says Luann Toth, managing editor of School Library Journal’s Book Review. “What we read in the headlines is the kind of gritty stuff that even a decade ago nobody would have made it up because nobody would believe it.” She cites Paul Griffin’s Stay With Me (2011) and Paul Volponi’s Rikers High (2010) as two other worthy novels about teens in economic distress.

As the situations get more desperate, so do the characters’ reactions. Little Women stressed the importance of facing poverty with sweet temper, integrity and Christian charity. “When you feel discontented, think over your blessings, and be grateful,” Mrs. March tells her daughters. It’s hard to imagine any contemporary YA character uttering such advice.

In place of gratitude, today’s best selling YA novels imagine a world aflame with uprisings led by angry, self sacrificing young women. In both The Hunger Games and Divergent, rage replaces religion as the best moncler jackets best way to confront economic distress, and sentimental notions of marriage are pushed aside by fantasies of romance amid revolt.

Such over the top outcomes may actually spur these books’ tremendous success. Despite the hunger and the poverty, dystopian fantasies are still a potent escape from reality. They’re just about those very strong, but not very practical, teenage emotions.” Dystopian novels, in particular, she says, are “narratives of disillusionment and escape.” The teenagers who read them, she argues, aren’t thinking about economics.

But the outlandish moncler outlet sale sci fi trappings of The Hunger Games and Divergent (tracker jackers, anyone?) might make them more comforting to teenagers actually experiencing economic distress, suggests Sheila Smith cheap moncler jackets of the moncler uk outlet National Center for Children in Poverty. “You’re not confronted as directly with situations that are so close to yours that they are going to be painful,” she speculates. “A lot of difficult emotional challenges of adolescence might be processed by them more easily in a fantasy context.”

As YA editor Lizzie Skurnick points out, “Anyone who’s actually experienced their parents losing a job knows that it feels just like it would feel to stand in a stadium and have to kill your friends. It’s actually scarier than that.”.


As parents, it is our job to make sure they do that without

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played better defense but he was on fire

Bryant haul helps Lakers hold off Nuggets rally

canada goose clearance sale LOS ANGELES (Reuters) Kobe Bryant scored a game high Canada Goose Outlet 38 points as the Los Angeles Lakers cheap canada goose uk held off a late fightback by the canada goose black friday sale Denver Nuggets to win 104 100 on Tuesday and take a Canada Goose sale 2 0 lead in their Western Conference quarter final canada goose uk outlet series. canada goose clearance sale

Canada https://www.scrubsuniforms.ca Goose sale Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (C, with the ball) drives to the basket against the Denver Nuggets in the fourth canada goose uk black friday quarter during Game 2 of their NBA Western Conference playoff in Los Angeles, California May uk canada goose 1, 2012. REUTERS/Alex Gallardo Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose online The Lakers, who had overpowered their opponents 103 88 in the series opener on Sunday, briefly led by 19 points with All Star Bryant in sizzling form before the Nuggets clawed their way back to trail by just four with a little under two minutes left. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket However, point guard Ramon Sessions gave the home team Canada Goose Online some welcome breathing canada goose clearance space with a floating jump shot to put Los Angeles 100 94 ahead and they held on to maintain Canada Goose Parka control in the best of seven series. buy canada goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose Sessions finished with 14 points while the two seven footers, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, weighed in with 27 Canada Goose Coats On Sale and 13 points respectively in front of a sell out crowd at Staples Center. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose store Guard Ty Lawson led the way for the fast paced but relatively inexperienced Nuggets with 25 points and forward Kenneth Faried contributed canada goose 14 points and 10 rebounds. canada goose store

Canada Goose Parka The series canada goose coats shifts to the high altitude of Denver for Game Three on Friday and Game Four on Sunday. Canada Goose Parka

buy canada goose jacket cheap Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant canada goose clearance sale (R) drives cheap Canada Goose on Denver Nuggets Ty Lawson during Game 1 of their first canada goose factory sale round NBA Western Conference basketball playoff game in Los Angeles, California, April 29, 2012. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson buy canada goose jacket cheap

wish the fight we showed tonight would have happened in Game One, Nuggets coach George Karl told reporters. of that, we down 2 0. If we would have fought like this Canada Goose Jackets in Game One, maybe we would have found a way to win Game Two.

canada goose coats on sale Lawson, who rebounded strongly from his mediocre form in the series opener with 17 points in the second half, paid tribute to the stellar play by 14 times All Star Bryant. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Outlet ON FIRE canada goose uk shop was hitting tough shots, he said of Bryant, who was 12 of 20 from the canada goose store field. played better defense but he was on fire. Sometimes you can do anything about it when he hitting shots like that. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose Slideshow (2 Images) canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets The Lakers made buy canada goose jacket cheap a fast start, back to back slam dunks by Bynum putting them 12 3 canada goose coats on sale up early in the first quarter and prompting applause from Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson as he stood up from his courtside seat. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats Though the Nuggets leveled the score at 36 36 midway through the second period, Los Angeles pulled away with an unbroken 9 0 run inspired by Bryant to lead 55 48 at halftime. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance With Bryant producing a dazzling array of fade away jump shots and twisting drives to the basket, the uk canada goose outlet Lakers surged 19 points clear before ending the third quarter 81 74 ahead. canada goose clearance

canadian goose jacket The Nuggets, who out rebounded the Lakers 52 48, refused to buckle and trimmed the deficit to 98 94 with a late 17 7 run before Sessions and then Bryant, with two free canadian goose jacket throws, made the game safe for Los Angeles. canadian goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale While the towering Bynum was repeatedly double teamed by Denver after recording a Canada Goose online superb triple double in Game One, Bryant took advantage buy canada goose jacket of the extra space available to him in offense. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose deals tough when you play against us because there are legitimately three guys on the post that you have to double team, he said, referring also to Bynum and the creative Gasol cheap Canada Goose jacket canada goose deals.


Pasti.ng An Engineers Pastebin re-invented.

As part of my ongoing pledge to be less selfish, i’ve decided to spend a few hours making a nice little Paste Bin website.

It uses Couchbase (a NoSQL storage database server) and Ruby on Rails along with a touch of bootstrap. I’m gonna be adding thing such as “re paste” in-line editing and self-destructing pastes as I get time. But until then, its nice little pet project for me to ponder on.

Once you paste it maintains the formatting of your code and even supports Unicode.

It should be lightening fast (even though its ruby) and stable + it has a cool domain name… what else do you need. Paste your heart out.




Dehydration is one of the major causes of fatigue

how to use less energy

buy canada goose jacket In this class we will be making a darling album using the classic Little Golden book, “A Day at the Seashore” as the foundation of our project. We’ll take the book apart and then refashion it with the beautiful new canada goose outlet london collection “By the canada goose outlet store montreal Sea” from Graphic 45, and mix it with goodies canada goose discount uk from American Crafts, October Afternoon, 7gypsies, and more, along with gorgeous ribbon from May canada goose outlet legit Arts. We’ll be making canada goose outlet belgium interactive pages with fold outs and canada goose outlet las vegas pockets and page protectors and all the techniques that Debby canada goose outlet london uk is known for you’ll love the possibilities that canada goose outlet website legit this book presents to include lots and lots of photos and techniques that you can apply to your other paper crafts projects.. buy canada goose jacket

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That hasn’t happened in canada goose premium outlet 25 years

November 2015 Archives

Canada Goose sale Today is the first day of the Climate Change talks in Paris. Over the next two weeks global leaders will attempt to canada goose outlet vip create a binding agreement to limit greenhouses emissions in the next decade. Feeling good about the positive vibes canada goose outlet montreal coming back from day 1 but this is going to be an uphill battle. Looking forward to canada goose outlet new york city being there next week to chat with fellow Canadians and scientists. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, your Vancouver outlook: Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Outlet High pressure sticks around for one more day, bringing the fog back this morning to parts of metro Vancouver as well as the frost on the groundFeels like 8 this morning canada goose outlet winnipeg address in YVR and if the fog can clear canada goose outlet usa out by noon, temps will still only get up to around 5 CThere is canada goose outlet location no longer an Environment Canada Air Quality statement for canada goose vest outlet metro Vancouver, although air quality will still be canada goose factory outlet toronto location moderate today because high pressure is trapping particulates from wood burning stoves in at lower levels. canada goose outlet store calgary We do sometimes get this on occasion in the winter when canada goose outlet los angeles we get these cold high pressure systems. Our cold spell is coming to an end though a pacific canada goose outlet london system is rolling in overnight. Rain will start before the morning hoursShowers and milder temperatures are back and here to stay all week long. Afternoon highs around 8, 9 C canada goose outlet washington dc and overnights up around 4, 5 CSunday marked one full year without accumulating snow at YVR. That hasn’t happened in canada goose premium outlet 25 years. but parts of the South Coast also canada goose factory outlet vancouver experiencing those strong NE winds that are filtering through the valleysAfternoon highs around 6 C today but Canada Goose Outlet temps will drop down canada goose outlet miami to 3 C tonight for Vancouver, even colder tomorrow morning with a wind chillThat’s the story right through canada goose factory outlet the week, weekend and into early next week: clear skies, afternoon highs around 4,5 C and sub zero canada goose outlet ontario overnights and morningsGenerally great for snow making this week but looks like an inversion will develop by Friday which will mean +0 temps on the hills Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose Fresh snow down to about 700 m on the locals canada goose outlet store uk this morning. For Vancouver, rain will begin later this morning and fall steadily through the day for a general 10 20 mmAs temperatures begin to drop tonight higher elevations of metro https://www.canadagoosejacket-outlet.ca Vancouver could see some wet snow, but likely only canada goose kensington parka uk a cm or two at the most. canada goose outlet paypal Blowing snow will be a concern tomorrow as wellBy tomorrow, we will be behind the arctic front and temperatures will drop down across the province. It’s too early to say exactly how these two systems will interact but there is a chance for some snow canada goose outlet vancouver in Metro Vancouver Monday night into Tuesday morning. Behind that system for Wednesday and beyond will be even colder air with over canada goose jacket uk night lows down below 5With a colder forecast, some wondering if El Nino was a bust for us. Arctic outbreaks are always a part of our late fall/early winter. Overall average temperatures though are still above seasonal with all of those sub topical systems we had the past few weeks. Cold air will also be great for snow making on the mountains over the next week canada goose

Canada Goose Outlet Ontario snow squalls Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Jackets The system that canada goose outlet authentic brought winter to Manitoba and northern Ontario yesterday is now bringing lake effect snow bands down across the lee shores of Georgian BaySpecial weather statements are in place canada goose outlet store montreal that may get upgraded to warnings todayThings could get messy canada goose outlet in toronto on the highways with 5 15 cm possible so will watch for pictures Canada Goose Jackets.


Where is the character? The air is Canada Goose Coats On Sale

[GENTRIFICATION DIARIES] Notes from Gentrified Brooklyn

It’s a last minute "let’s-catch-up" meeting with a homegirl who I haven’t seen in ages. We are riding the J train to the L train in buy canada goose jacket Brooklyn and canada goose coats on sale she notices some things have changed since our last visit.Her: We still in Brooklyn? (Note: Her orientation sucks.)Me: Bed-Stuy.Her: Bed-Stuy!So Canada Goose Outlet many White people now…Me: Yup, gentrification will do that…and have you question whether or not you belong in the place where you grew up.Even if you've never visited the Big Apple, you're likely aware of the fact that Brooklyn is changing. Brooklyn has changed. Folks like me are being pushed out andtheyare being led in, single-file like elementary school students on a field trip. The hipsters, yuppies. Theotherswho can https://www.jacketstock.com afford $6 bottles of Kombucha and $1500 studios.I am a Brooklyn native. Born and raised. I’m too young to have partied with Rosie Perez at Wesley Snipes' parties that are said to have envied Diddy's; old enough to remember the East vs. West Coast beef starring Biggie and Tupac and the funeral of the former, canada goose black friday sale which brought Brooklynites young and buy canada goose jacket cheap old to the streets in canada goose coats mourning. And now, old enough to witness neighborhoods change aesthetically and financially at a time when I'm thinking quite seriously about where I might live and raise my own family.African hair braiding spots, West Indian restaurants with smells that‘d detour you from an original destination, barbershops you’d avoid walking by due to the cat-calls of men further emboldened by Canada Goose Online the confidence of a fresh line-up, bodegas that made a serious hero sandwich, dirty streets and overflowing trash cans. It wasn’t always pretty, but it was my ‘hood—held together with culture and imperfection.My Brooklyn was the outline of hopscotch sketched into sidewalks with colored chalk; loud chants of “arrreee-youuuu-readyyyy-readyyy-steaddyy…” and double-dutch battles. It was water ferociously pouring from fire hydrants; late nights sitting on the trunk of someone’s hoopty; the sounds of ambulance, police sirens combined with lilting accents. It wasn’t the Brooklyn of Lena Dunham‘sGirls, canada goose replica a postSex and the City​ mini-Manhattan. In fact,theyavoided it at all cost. It wasn’t trendy based Canada Goose sale off real estate and infrastructure, but was cool because Biggie said it was. Hell, it was cool just because. We said so.But that is old-school Brooklyn. Today it stands unrecognizable. I’ve circled blocks in search of parking and in that moment realized most isn’t the same. Where is the character? The air is Canada Goose Coats On Sale different. My childhood has been practically erased.Brooklyn today is cleaner streets, Canada Goose Parka swanky restaurants that serve misconstrued interpretation of jerk chicken, overpriced boutiques and housing, fresh produce and a streamline of White faces. The aforementioned aren’t necessarily my problems with gentrification. My problem isn’t with Whites moving canada goose clearance sale in, not by far. My problem with gentrification is the abrupt uprooting canada goose outlet of beautiful family trees without any explanation. My problem is that tearing down 'mom and pop' owned businesses means tearing down livelihoods and dreams.My problem lies with canada goose store self-esteem killers. The message that we didn't deserve the attention of the city and needed services until other people moved in. This pretense of upward mobility that is of gentrification is false. Statistics have shown that residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant are enteringhomeless sheltersat high rates. What good does canada goose this do for one’s self-worth? Absolutely cheap Canada Goose nothing. For Brooklynites forced out, a question of “what’s wrong with me?” stirs within. I canada goose clearance know, I’ve asked myself.I asked Marcy's own Jay-Z his opinion on gentrified Brooklyn during his recent impromptu Twitter Q&A session, in canada goose deals which he responded “buzzkill, the world is changing for the better AND the canadian goose jacket worse.” In Nelson George’sBrooklyn Boheme, a documentary showcasing the changes in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Spike Lee referred to gentrification as the Canada Goose Jackets “Christopher Columbus Syndrome,” discovering sh*t that was already Canada Goose online there. Tell them, Spike!Brooklyn been here! We were here! I was here!No matter what, the values and experiences I’ve acquired as a Brooklyn girl are worth more than the current listing of any Brownstone in the Stuy. So it's all good. Word to Biggie.


Objective-C iOS Code Style Guidelines (Part #1)

I move around on different projects a lot and work with different developers every few months. One thing I’ve noticed is people picking up bad habits from blogs and Stack Overflow posts that get very popular despite their quality (this is not a blanket statement of course)… On the other hand however, I’m able to share experiences with other developers and pickup some good tips in the process. One bone picking point is always what convention to use, when, where and most importantly… Why!

Something i’ve been asked for a few times recently and something I continually tweak as my own preferences and style changes is my Objective-C iOS Code Style Guideline doc. I thought i’d share it here for everyone to use, love and consume. All I ask is that you don’t steal it as your own and that you perform any discussion on twitter using #mike.kz or message me @italoarmstrong 🙂

These guidelines of course are my own personal preferences, which have developed over many years and will continue to change, even as writing this point, I changed my mind on a few points in the below guide. So take inspiration from it, rather than thinking “this is correct way of doing it” as its not. Thats usually the point in a “guideline”.