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Is this the year a team in the AFC East not led by Brady decisively wins the division and starts Canada Goose sale an inevitable downturn for the Patriots? (Yes, I know the Jets and Fins won it about 10 years ago and the Bills snuck in last year.)

Will the Rams and Eagles repeat canada goose jacket outlet last year success? Is this a breakout year for Robert Woods?

Video work was a good first effort, but I have some canada goose outlet online questions and a few pointers canada goose outlet in usa that may help in your future official canada goose outlet endeavors. These tips go Canada Goose online in the order of importance. I also understand the canada goose uk shop difficulties of no budget shooting, canada goose outlet Canada Goose Coats On Sale jackets so please take everything I say with that in consideration!

Why no dialog? It was canada goose clearance sale difficult for me to understand what I was supposed to be watching or what to expect. What was the protagonist motivation for even being where the envelope was received? uk canada goose outlet Does he know the bad guy Canada Goose Outlet or is it his first time meeting him? buy canada goose jacket cheap Maybe some shots of text messages of his phone and canada goose some canada goose coats shots showing his distress of the meeting could help guide the audience of why he even has to meet this shady character. Revealing to the audience some back story through dialog or other shots could carry us a long canada goose outlet nyc way. As I have a love for cinematography, script writing and story buy canada goose jacket development challenges me more than getting the shot. But the only reason for any shot is to support the story, period. Did you do a canada goose uk black friday story board for this project? That could help you plan your canada goose outlet shop shot list canada goose outlet store uk to really bring out the story.

No environmental sounds. Even though filmmaking is thought of as uk canada goose a primarily canada goose coats on sale visual medium, sound is a big deal! I would love to see a cut that had canada goose outlet the sound of the guy getting off of the bike, hearing the sound of the chain as he walked the bike into the alleyway. We need to hear canada goose black friday sale that envelope get pulled out and handed off! That the whole reason these two even meet! With that said, the nice canada goose outlet new york city thing is that you can add most of those sounds without ever shooting the video over! Just try to Foley them and add it in the edit. It will greatly canadian goose jacket improve the production value and the Canada Goose Online audience immersion.

Shot continuity. In the opening scene, when the protagonist is entering the walkway, the cut to the next shot has such a dramatic change in overall canada goose outlet parka brightness, I wasn sure if this was supposed to be a few minutes after the first shot or even the next day. One of the tricks I use to help with continuity is to capture canada goose outlet black cheap canada goose uk friday Canada Goose Jackets room tone. This is goose outlet canada just a few canada goose outlet uk minute of ambient sound so the user can understand that even though the visuals may change greatly, it really in the same approximate location. I would play back the ambient sounds at a higher level in the initial establishing shot, then I cut the volume around 12db after he enters the walkway. Also, when the protagonist enters the alley, his bike canada goose outlet sale is on his canada goose outlet store right side. But when the bad guy approaches from behind and the protagonist turns around, his bike should canada goose black friday sale canada canada goose outlet sale goose outlet online uk be on his left side facing opposite to him, but it on his right side www.canadagooseoutletjackets.com facing canada goose factory outlet the wrong way.

Camera stability. I almost don even bring this up knowing canada goose store what you shot with. But Canada Goose Parka there are a few shots where a tripod and a slow pan could have helped the shot over hand held footage. I also understand wanting more organic movement as you followed the biker toward his final destination, but I felt it was too jittery. I nitpicking here.

I canada goose uk outlet hope this feedback is valuable to you! Keep shooting! You get better the more you canada goose outlet uk sale canada goose clearance shoot and the more you write!

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In my opinion you deciding canada goose outlet toronto factory between canada goose outlet reviews Ertz canada goose factory sale Ingram. Ertz has a current ADP of 4.08 and plays a premium position where it hard to find consistent playmakers on an emerging offense. (Granted Wentz makes a full recovery) Ertz should continue to flourish canada goose outlet canada as a Top 5 TE for several years to come meaning he will still be a value in the 9th Round, 8th Round, etc.

Ingram will return to the most productive backfield committee in NFL history. His current ADP is cheap Canada Goose 2.06 so there is a decent amount of value getting him at a 2 round discount. There some workload concerns, but Ingram should finish as a Top 15 RB in 2018.




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