VBareMetal The New CaptainGeek Bare-Metal Hypervisor Installer

Introducing VBareMetal!

I’ve been very busy lately, here is one of my latest incarnations, a Virtualisation Linux Distribution, which you can use as a live-cd or a bare-metal installer, it is debian based with virtualbox. Everything configured out of the box. You can run Linux/BSD/Solaris/Windows/Other virtual machines on this distribution, even if your system does not support virtualisation natively! =) Please note, this release is super early, it works, but very bare. In the coming weeks i’ll make it a pretty fully functional system.

For now it supports
– Virtualisation and management via the VBoxManage command and via the web interface http://[ip]:8080
– Linux Toolchain (for building tools)
– Expandable / Shrinkable file system
– Remote login, VNC, RDP.

Once booted, the username/password for everything is vm/vbaremetal.

Let me know your initial thoughts, you can grab it here
MD5: 2cb9dff071fb6c93cdd1e6bf57c542f1 VBareMetal-R0.1-ALPHA.ISO



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