They think it is their patriotic duty

Americans vote Congress out of office

While experts say it hard to pinpoint exactly why Americans are so negative about Congress, the answer is probably the economy. including the skyrocketing national debt, the rapidly approaching fiscal cliff, the soon to expire Bush tax cuts and canada goose unemployment topping 8% for the last 42 months in a row.

There is no longer any compromise in Congress. Hyper partisanship means all Congress does is bicker while accomplishing nothing.

Currently Congress has decided to reward itself with another 5 week vacation, despite all of these problems they refusing to address.

The country Canada Goose Coats On Sale is on the road to ruin, and Congress bears much of the responsibility.

Yet Canada Goose Jackets chances canada goose black friday sale are if you check back in after the election, many of these same lawmakers will be right back in Washington.

Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. ET to see if Jack reads your answer on the air.

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I think it because the districts are so gerrymandered plus the majority of voters in each district feel their representatives are doing their job and canada goose factory sale it the other guys that need to go. I know the voters of my district did this in 2006. While I don agree with all the votes my rep has made in the past 2 months, overall he doing a good job. His opponent is a Tea Party favorite and an extreme buy canada goose jacket right winger. It will be a mighty cold day in Hades for me to vote for anyone on the far right. I am grateful Michele Bachmann does NOT represent my Canada Goose Parka district. and re election.

Sad answer Jack but EVERY word true.

Validation. A sense of personal validation is what drives most people to do the things they do. A vast majority of the folks in this country feel personally validated when they cast their vote. They think it is their patriotic duty. Validation. They think they are obligated. Validation. They think their vote counts. Validation. Fill in your own reasons. Validation. And then you got the automatic votes, from each parties base. More validation. And another big reason people keep voting them in, is they think their guy is the honorable one, and it is the politicians canada goose uk outlet from the other party that are wrong. More validation, and bingo, you got yourself a self perpetuating political system. Doug, Pepperell, MA.

Why won ? ( Love Your Question this time) LOL

Answer : I mentioned this in a lot of previous posts in your column. Canada Goose Outlet Without mentioning Canada Goose online names, I used to live in a State where the overwhelming majority of the registered Voters continued to Vote for the same canada goose uk black friday person, term after term after term. As a matter of fact, I voted for him, back in the 1970 1980 And people were voting for him in the 1960 also. He ended up attending Obama inauguration in a wheelchair, then finally died. ( Yes, in Office) (after 90 terms) LOL Guess what? Now, since they can get federal resources like they used to, they ( some in the state) are finally getting off of their behind, and are either looking for work, or ARE working. In the 50 / 60 / 70 / midway thru the 80 you can count it as a Blue State, with 5 electoral votes. NOW, they are solid Republican, (even though they elect a democrat governor, at times)

Short Answer, buy canada goose jacket cheap Jack : Earmarks / earmarks earmarks. canada goose clearance sale (or Favors) Shall I say more?

according to google, he was the of pork canada goose and proud of it Democrat 2012 (for the working middle class)

The media and both sides of the isle frame the conversation around blaming one side or the other as oppose to all people involved.

There is also a general stigma around politicians as a whole and why not?! It seems you have to have large sums of money to have any real expectations of gaining a seat in office. As a result a VAST majority of politicians are out of touch since they all owe favors to their bank rollers. They one of the few groups of people that dictate how they are paid and the rules surrounding their tenure. Trying to get them through the initiative process is just as bad since on a state and national level you need money to fund people. Once it gets to vote there are billions of dollars thown at it by special interest. Bottom line get money out of politics.

When it is time to vote on congress members you usually only have limited choices. With only those limited selections it is hard to pick someone you like or want. What we tend to do is rationalize our choice as the lesser of canada goose store two evils when in reality they all stink. Sadly it happens time and time again. The key I think is to have a politician you trust and that just never happens in America. We always elect the politician with the most money and support because that is the one you constantly hear cheap canada goose uk about even if what you hear are all lies.

The cheap Canada Goose reason, Jack, is the money in politics. Canada Goose sale Without the money the negativity of a campaign would be considerably less. Canidates would be forced to tell the voter what they would do canadian goose jacket if elected in detail. You hear it all the time trust me vote for me. Lying is the last part of the answer. Ted Cruz is the Republican candidate in Texas and one of his issues in his campaign was to canada goose clearance the Constitution Kay Bailey Hutchinson was the previous Senator from Texas. Someone should ask her when America subplanted another document in place canada goose uk shop of the canada goose coats Constitution. That an outright lie. So what document is the United States operating under. Maybe Sharia Law? When was the last beheading? The main premise of a Democracy is the informed electorate, but; if all we have are negative campaigns, evasive answers to the media and outright lies how do we have an informed electorate. So the election comes down to a choice of an incumbent candidate or an unknown name who will be indoctrinated into the political system within six months. The choice of course is the incumbent candidate.

In florida we had an election yesterday and uk canada goose once again there were huge problems with the voting machines memory cards. You talking twelve YEARS after the 2000 charade. I think at this point that both political parties have a agreement not to fix the corruptible system so as not to lose any of the power that the entrenched have garnered. Every election they let a kucinich or a moderate republican go to give the illusion of real elections, but for the most part the scoundrels stay put to keep the never changing corrupt system in place. The only that that gets better is their bank accounts and portfolios.

Laziness. To actually understand that sending the same person to Congress term after term has created the problem requires people to actually understand how uk canada goose outlet Congress works and how their Representative or Senator has contributed to the problem. When the Congressman can point to the benefits that he brought to his Canada Goose Online district and the voter doesn know that those benefits likely came at a cost to the rest of the country and we likely overpaid for what was delivered, then the voter is not going to do the smart thing and vote the Congressman out. My view: Vote them all out.

The biggest reason is that state redistricting is done canada goose coats on sale in a partisan way that makes most districts safe for the incumbents. This is true of state legislature districts as well as House districts.




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