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Hi everyone! I keep getting lots of emails from people asking where they can buy xyz to complete the tutorials and try out some of the things listed on CaptainGeek, well after I kept emailing people the same links i had a thought, why not setup an amazon affiliate store. Basically, i’ve setup a small amazon site with a small selection of products (only those used for the tutorials on this site + related ones), purchases and payments are handled by amazon, however a small percentage of the sale goes to helping fund the server this website is hosted on AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU 🙂 so its a win win situation, please use the links whenever you can.

Our Amazon Store


Welcome everybody!

Well, i’ve moved all of my ageing 450mhz dell’s into oblivion now, replaced by my home-built quad core hypervisor! so you should notice some performance improvements. Maybe thats also why i’ve changed from HTML + Nano to WordPress…

Anyway, there will be more coming soon, but for now… hold tight!