VBareMetal The New CaptainGeek Bare-Metal Hypervisor Installer

Introducing VBareMetal!

I’ve been very busy lately, here is one of my latest incarnations, a Virtualisation Linux Distribution, which you can use as a live-cd or a bare-metal installer, it is debian based with virtualbox. Everything configured out of the box. You can run Linux/BSD/Solaris/Windows/Other virtual machines on this distribution, even if your system does not support virtualisation natively! =) Please note, this release is super early, it works, but very bare. In the coming weeks i’ll make it a pretty fully functional system. … 


Build a Free NAS using… FreeNAS with SMB/AFP/iTunes/iSCSI Targets

If you want all of your storage in one centralised place, that is accessible using just about any protocol out there, then you’ll need Network Accessible Storage (NAS), This can be often very expensive, upwards of £1,000, however you should firstly try FreeNAS, its a project based upon FreeBSD which provides a very comprehensive NAS environment supporting all common protocols including iSCSI, so you can even set Vmware to boot from hard disks stored on your FreeNAS! The whole thing is a bare-metal installer, and runs on any hardware manufactured within the past 10 years or so! Although for iSCSI you’ll need a minimum of 256mb Memory. So try it out, tell me what you think. Personally… I LOVE IT!, I’ll be posting a tutorial on getting VMware to use an iSCSI target defined with FreeNAS Later! Until then grab FreeNAS here P.S. it supports IPV6 =)

My FreeNAS Server

My FreeNAS Server