The IPV6 Looking Glass Tester

As part of the services i’m trying to offer the IPV6 community, i’ve launched a Looking Glass in the BETA stage, this allows users to check their ipv6 connectivity using ping6 traceroute and check their reverse DNS records using the PTR function. I hope it’s useful to you all, please be patient with some of the functions such as traceroute as they can be slow, i’ll move it all over to an AJAX based model soon, but for now enjoy testing your connectivity! You can view the live working version here



The IPV6 Only IRC Server Is Launched!

As part of the new redevelopments I am very keen on getting some cool new services on offer for anyone, those wishing to experiment with their ipv6 implementations, those wanting to see whats going on here, or those actually wanting to use the services for what they were designed for!

I’ve just launched its running on Unreal3.2 + patches and support IPV6 + SSL (note this is an ipv6 only server).
You can access it using ports: 6667 or 6697 (ssl) and from any popular IPV6 enabled IRC client such as XChat or mIRCv6

Come say hello to me (tekk) in #chat 🙂 see you there!