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Hi everyone! I keep getting lots of emails from people asking where they can buy xyz to complete the tutorials and try out some of the things listed on CaptainGeek, well after I kept emailing people the same links i had a thought, why not setup an amazon affiliate store. Basically, i’ve setup a small amazon site with a small selection of products (only those used for the tutorials on this site + related ones), purchases and payments are handled by amazon, however a small percentage of the sale goes to helping fund the server this website is hosted on AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU ๐Ÿ™‚ so its a win win situation, please use the links whenever you can.

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Hurricane Electric Launch iPhone app, Gadgets + More

Hurricane Electric, the most reliable tunnel broker in my opinion have always provided ipv4 exhaustion statistics as found somewhere on this site! however, they’ve now launched an iPhone application and gadgets/widgets for google desktop and windows. From the email they sent me i quote:

“We have just released a free iPhone App, Webpage Widget, and
Google and Windows Desktop Gadgets that report the growth of IPv6ย deployment and the exhaustion of IPv4.”

I thought it would be worth ย mentioning as i know lots of readers here have iPhones :).ย The iPhone App, Webpage Widget, and Desktop Gadgets are available at:


IPV6 Tunnel Broker Comparison and Review

Hello everyone, this isn’t the forewaited big change, but i thought it was worth posting a quick drill down review of
the (in my opinion) 4 best tunnel broker services out there. In this review i’ll be covering UKERNA, Hurricane Electric, Sixxs & Freenet6/Go6.
At the end you’ll see my recommendation and why. All of the tunnel brokers have been tested for at least 2 weeks by myself, hope it helps you make your choice ๐Ÿ™‚



Problems, Updates, Projects & More!

So you’ve probably wondered why i went from posting 3 times a day to not posting at all. I’ve been pretty busy recently with exams, jobs, personal-issues and so on. Few bits of news regarding the project. I’ve moved house, therefor am going to migrate everything thats using UKERNA over to HE.NET purely as they seem to be much more stable, and I can use 6over4 ๐Ÿ™‚ Also i am working on something you are all gonna like, just gimme time and i’ll have it sorted ๐Ÿ™‚ need to buy a more powerful server first heh ๐Ÿ™‚

For now peace! and stay tuned for whats coming next ๐Ÿ™‚

ETA: 2 weeks


Fixed: Connectivity Issues

If any of you have been recently experiencing connectivity issues with the site or problems with zones generated using the zone builder, these bugs have been now rectified.

The zone builder was not specifying a $TTL correctly, Also as all of my zones are generated here, my bind9 stopped working properly. All fixed now, sorry for any inconvenience caused ๐Ÿ™‚


How To Easily Setup A Basic IPV6 Tunnel (TSP)

Setting up IPV6 connectivity may at first seem daunting and complicated, and yes… it is, but i’m gonna make it really easy for you, i’m not going to assume you understand IPV6 and i’m not going to try and teach you, thats for you to research yourself, however in this guide im going to document the easiest way to setup IPV6 connectivity, whether you’re behind a NAT / router or directly connected to the Internet. In future tutorials I will go into more detail including router / subnet configuration, the 6in4 method and much more!

  • Setting up an IPV6 Tunnel behind a NAT / Router (using TSP)
  1. Sign-Up to a tunnel broker that supports TSP here is a list however i recommend
  2. Download the latest tsp/gateway6 client utility from here (windows) or here (linux / bsd)
  3. Install the Gateway6 client, or build it if your on linux / bsd (i won’t document this here as its pretty straight-forward)
  4. Now choose one of the following depending on what system you use:
  • Linux
    • Open gw6c.conf in an editor of your choice (nano/vim/ee)
    • You only have to edit a few options in the config for standard host configuration look for these lines and fill them in appropriately.
      • username=lameusername
        password=lamepassword (e.g.





    • Once you have edited the lines above save the config file and exit your editor
    • Now run the gw6c binary with the -f switch to identify your config file, e.g.
      • ./gw6c -f gw6c.conf
    • Once this is done if you run ifconfig you should see a new interface has been setup and given an IPV6 address with a subnet of /128 (this is host)
    • If any errors occur check your gw6c.log in the same directory as the binary for any logging information, also here it should show your IPV6 address
      • ping6
    • If the site responds then you have successfully enabled IPV6 on your system!

    NOTE: There is much more configuration possible if required but it is beyond the scope of this how to.

  • Windows
    • Run and Install the gateway6 client package (Next, Next…)
    • Load the Gateway6 Client from your Start Menu
    • Fill in your username, password, server using the details provided by your broker, e.g. mike123, lamepass,
    • Click Connect!
    • Open Firefox and visit!

Setting up basic IPV6 connectivity is as simple as that with TSP, in future tutorials I will write how-to’s on how to setup a router configuration, the 6in4 method which has less overheads but doesn’t support NAT traversal, and OpenWRT Configuration! Enjoy!


UPDATED: IPV6 Reverse Zone Builder

Hey guys, another update tonight! Thanks to a LOT of help from rewt in #ipv6 on efnet, i’ve managed to eleminate most bugs from the zone builder, if you had problems before, try it again and it should be fine. Im also thinking about creating a hosted dns solution, leave your thoughts in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚ until then, check out the new and improved IPV6 Reverse Zone Builder


Site IPV6 Outtages

Hey guys, you may have noticed yesterday from around 16:43 BST to 21:18 BST today, the site was inaccessible using IPV6, this also affected the IRCD, however other services remained normal with secondary IPV6 connectivity. In future the outtages will be less, and in this case, were the fault of UKERNA and not myself :). Well everything is back to normal now, so enjoy!


IPV6 Reverse Zone Builder for BIND

Two services launched in 1 Day! Here I bring you something I did on impulse after many people seem to be struggling to setup IPV6 reverse zones, i’ve put together a simple zone building script which will generate all the information you need for BIND automatically! At the moment it only supports /64’s and is a bit error prone, but i think it will suffice. Soon I will perfect it and offer zone hosting services here for people. Until then you can check it out here and setup your reverse zone!