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Well it depends, do you mean at birth?.I have had 5 children, their weights ranged from 7 pds 8 to a hefty 10 pds 11. And they didnt get bigger with each child, infact each one got smaller!.The weight of your baby will generally depend on the size of the mother (and sometiems father) how much weight you gain (underweight mothers can sometimes give birth prematurely).But usually a woman will not give birth to a child that is too big for her. Meaning if the mother is small, her baby usually is on the smaller side, and if the mother is 6 ft 3 then chances are her baby will be on the larger side.the average weight of a caucasion baby is 7 pds 8 ozs.also 3.5 kgWhat does a baby guinea pig weigh?i have 5 babies born on Friday 1st august their weight now ranges from around 88 112g this is a week on.

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