How to Unlock almost any iPhone without any jailbreak or accessory

So… some of you may have already seen this, if you didn’t then, here it is 🙂 its pretty cool, it works… but has one caveat… Its a TEMPORARY unlock… i.e. it will unlock your phone sure, but once your TMSI (Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity) is refreshed, you will have to repeat the process again… in the UK and US i think this happens when you switch the phone on/off or travel over a large geographic area… however it could potentially happen whenever…

Instructions on how to unlock are after the break 🙂

  1. Grab your iPhone
  2. Insert a supported Sim Card… so, if your phone is locked to Tmobile, put a Tmobile sim in there
  3. Dial a number and quickly hang-up (a drop call) then very quickly turn on airplane mode
  4. Make sure that your phone isn’t set to remember any WiFi networks, so that it will not attempt to connect or search for any even.
  5. Place your foreign carrier sim into your iPhone… (so put your o2 or vodafone or whatever sim inside)
  6. Making sure your phone is on Airplane and WiFi is off, now toggle airplane mode to “Off”
  7. You should then see “Searching…” followed by the Apple splash screen.
  8. Just keep waiting…
  9. You should see some kinda data connectivity… either “o” or “3G” or “E”…
  10. Wait 20 seconds
  11. Turn your phone off and on again
  12. You’ll then see “Activation Required” once your phone has booted
  13. Once your phone registers any signal attempt to activate over cellular
  14. Quickly eject your SIM… it should say “Activation Required” again…
  15. Re-insert your SIM
  16. Now your device is unlocked (temporarily)

If you have problems getting this to work… the solution is to basically keep trying… Confirmed as working on iOS 5.1 on an iPhone 4 and 4S…



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