Earth Surface Processes and Landforms(29)

Idrodinamica e distribuzione di sedimenti in barre di meandro tidale

Tesi non accessibile fino a 07 Giugno 2018 per motivi correlati alla proprietà intellettuale. Visibile a: nessunoAbstractDevelopment of meandering channels along coastal enviroments contributes to the genesis of tidal pointbar, whose morfology and depositional architecture differs from the classical model piumini moncler saldi proposed for the same bodies developed in fluvial context. The present work analyses the characteristic hydrodynamic processes of a moncler outlet tidal meander and their consequences in terms of sediments distribution. moncler outlet online shop This work focused on the moncler bambino saldi comparison between a modern study case, represented piumini moncler outlet by a tidal pointbar located in the northern Venice Lagune (Italy), and a fossil case, represented by Cretaceous sediments of the Tremp Formation outcropping near Tremp (Spain). The modern case was analysed in terms of morfodynamic development through the comparison of aerial photos that highlight the planimetric evolution of the pointbar in a certain interval of time. Afterwards the acquisition moncler saldi of flow rate mesurements (ADCP) and the high resolution facies analysis allowed to understand the architectural evolution of the pointbar. The fossil case was described through paleocurrents mesurements, facies analysis and generations of a three dimensional model that describes geometry of the moncler donna studied bodies through space. Il risultato dipende dalla formattazione della citazione e non da piumini moncler uomo noi.

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