By “privileging an elitist perspective” towards anthropology

African participation in the production of colonial knowledge in French West Africa

canada goose black friday sale The Production of Ethnographic Writing in the Context of Colonial Africa: Jean Herv Jezequel’s “Voices of their own?, 1889 1919.” canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Parka Jezequel, Jean Herv. (2007). “Voices of their own?, 1889 1919.” In Tilley, Helen and Robert J. canada goose outlet black friday Gordon (Eds.), Ordering canada goose outlet in canada Africa: Anthropology, European Imperialism, and the Politics canada goose outlet us of Knowledge (pp.145 172). Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press. Canada Goose Parka

buy canada goose jacket canada goose outlet in uk cheap Jean Herv Jezequel’s chapter focuses on the political and social history of ethnographic writing among West African educated elites, or indignes, in French speaking Africa during the late nineteenth century to early twentieth century (145 146). Jezequel’s examination constitutes one of the five imperial relationships investigated within the Ordering Africa volume and demonstrates how African educated elites, though restricted by imperial power structures, contributed to the development canada goose factory outlet and material body of anthropological scholarship in the context of French colonialism (Tilley 3; 166). In addition to revealing the ties between imperialism and anthropology, this chapter allowed the ANTH 603 participants to review canada goose outlet trillium parka black how diverse motivations influence the production and interpretation of anthropological knowledge, but also appreciate canada goose outlet in montreal that the discipline’s canada goose outlet online reviews subjective qualities yield valuable information about the contexts wherein this knowledge was produced. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canadian goose jacket Jezequel begins the history of anthropological knowledge production in West Africa in 1895 and demonstrates that it is characterized by structural inequality and a division of scholarly labour (145 147). French colonial officials required ethnographic data as information about the local people and area provided them with “a better understanding of native cultures as well as a better means to control them” (146). Local informants, both illiterate and educated were utilized by French scholars and colonial administrators in order to acquire and produce this ethnographic information, which resulted in a division of scholarly labour, characterized by networks of canada goose outlet reviews local informants providing ethnographic canada goose vest outlet data for French officials, who had publishing privileges (146 147). Interestingly, it is during this period that we see the emergence of indigenous studies, an example of the links between knowledge production and colonialism (146). canadian goose jacket

canada goose deals Despite the contributions of African informants, specifically the written work of literate informants, their role in the production of knowledge remained unofficial and subordinate as they were viewed by western canada goose shop uk administrator ethnographers as lacking the skills to engage in ethnographic interpretation and writing (148 149). This encouragement, however, was tied to colonial motivations and was a method of procuring colonially relevant data from educated Africans and discouraging “the publication efforts of detribalized Africans”, which could potentially threaten the legitimacy and ideology of the French colonial administration (149 151). Jezequel demonstrates that as “knowledge intermediaries, capable of producing the information that colonial administrators needed”, educated Africans saw indigenous studies and ethnography as a method of achieving higher status and potentially navigating and succeeding in a “stratified colonial service” (158 Canada Goose Outlet 162). Writing was an opportunity for educated Africans to benefit from the colonial administrations’ faith in the written archive and influence the colonial administrations’ canada goose outlet store uk perspective towards the local arena (163 164). This interpretation, heavily inspired by the work of Terence Ranger and Eric Hobsbawm, demonstrates how educated Africans appropriated a degree of canada goose outlet store montreal power through colonial structures and standards of knowledge canada goose outlet 2015 (164). canada goose deals

canada goose coats on sale Producing knowledge was a method of social and political advancement within Africa’s colonial and local arenas (162). In these settings, individual and collective motivations for success and advancement influenced the interpretations and content of African auto ethnographies (Tilley 7). By “privileging an elitist perspective” towards anthropology and its intellectual contributors, contemporary anthropologists prevent themselves canada goose womens outlet from understanding how colonialism functions and the conditions in which anthropological canada goose outlet in new york knowledge was produced (153). canada goose outlet new york city Contemporary researchers must ask themselves if the continued disregard of African participation in the history canada goose outlet parka of colonialism and anthropology is evidence of colonialism’s ongoing legacy. canada goose coats on sale

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