Asus EeePC S101 to Asus Macbook Nano OSX86

Ever wanted to turn your boring netbook into a fully fledged lively Macbook Nano, the worlds smallest Mac OS X powered machine!?! well now you can! The how to below covers all the aspects of getting Mac OS X 10.5.6 Leopard working on your EeePC S101, but should work similarly with any Atom CPU, Intel Chipset Netbook. The best thing about all this is that Mac OS X is IPV6 enabled out the box!

Firstly, the finished product.

Macbook Nano on an Asus EeePC S101

Asus EeePC S101 Sideview

Out the box most things work, however once a little tweaking has been done the following are fully working:

  • Sound (Output Only)
  • Graphics (With Quartz Extreme)
  • Network (WiFi Only)
  • Hotkeys
  • Sleep
  • Battery Indicator
  • Bootup / Shutdown
  • Speedstep (battery life)
  • + Anything else i can think of…

The first step is to make sure you own a legal licensed copy of Mac OS X Leopard Retail. Secondly, Apple state that you can only install Mac OS X on an Apple branded product, so whack out one of those Apple stickers you got free with your ipod and stick it on your netbook somewhere… Done? ok,

Once you have downloaded everything you need, you need to be able to install it somehow, and as netbooks don’t have cdrom drives you either need an external drive, or you need to put iATKOS onto a usb stick, to do this you need access to another mac. The procedure however is simple:

  • Open Disk Utility on the other Mac
  • Insert your USB Memory Stick
  • Select it and click Restore
  • Navigate and choose the iATKOS iso image
  • Let the process complete…
  • Now you have a bootable install disk/usb drive

Once you have done this insert the usb stick into your S101, upon booting hit Esc which will bring up the boot selection menu. Select your USB drive or CD drive. Now this next part is important. Immediately start hitting F8, this will bring up boot options. when presented with the darwin prompt boot using:

Darwin> cpus=1 -x -v

Now you should see lots of black text appear on the screen (don’t panic) and eventually the iATKOS / Mac OS X installer will appear. Now follow the following (adapted from

  • You’ll be presented a language selection menu: select your preferred language and hit next. In my case, for consistency with other computers I have and also because the information you typically find in the Internet is in english, I chose English. After it, it’ll say “Preparing Installation” for a while.
  • When you get the ‘Welcome’ screen, don’t hit continue straight away! Move your point to the ‘Utilities’ menu, and select ‘Disk Utility’
  • When the Disk Utility application has loaded, click your main drive in the left hand pane (probably the very top entry is your HDD manufacturer’s name’)
  • Click ‘Partition’ on the right hand pane.
  • Select the solid state drive
  • Name your partition ‘Macintosh HD’ and click ‘Apply’.
  • Wait for it to do it’s thing, then select ‘Quit Disk Utility’ from the ‘Disk Utility’ menu.
  • You’ll now be taken back to the installer welcome page. Click ‘Continue’.
  • Click ‘Agree’ when the legal blurb pops up.
  • Choose a destination drive – obviously the one you just partitioned! Click ‘Continue’.
  • This is important! Do not click ‘Continue’ and click ‘Customize, because here’s where we’re going to start ‘hacking’ our installation.
  • Let the options you see in front of you as following:
    • Completely uncheck ‘Language Translations’.
    • Expand ‘Kernels’ and select ONLY ‘vanilla’
    • Expand ‘Graphics_Drivers’, expand ‘Intel_GMA’ and select ONLY ‘GMA950′.
    • Select X86 Acpi to enable the PS2 keyboard to work.
  • You done? OK, click ‘Done’.

Now OS X will begin installing. This takes some time maybe 20 minutes or so, or faster since the S101 uses a fast solid state drive! Once installation is complete reboot into Mac OS X and we will proceed with the next set of configuration steps to get WiFi, Sound etc working properly.

  • Copy the Asus S101 package i created to your macbook (using a usb stick is easiest).
  • Navigate to Audio, and Install first Azalia, then Audiee then Reboot.
  • Open the package again, select Graphics and install GMA950-1.pkg and Reboot.
  • This is the tricky part, open Terminal from Finder.
  • Navigate to the s101 package Sleep folder (e.g. cd /Users/xxxx/Downloads/asusOSX86/Sleep) and run the following commands:

# sudo -s
# cp AppleSMBIOS.kext /System/Library/Extensions/
# cp ClamshellDisplay.kext /System/Library/Extensions/
# rm /System/Library/Extensions/Extensions.mkext

  • Now reboot your system one last time

Once you have rebooted everything should work flawlessly, except for WiFi. This is a bit more tricky. Firstly you have to purchase a Apple Mini PCI-E Airport Card I picked mine up for around £15 off eBay. Don’t panic, this is not complicated at all, yes its hardware, but it doesn’t void your warranty (i think) and its easy!

Turn your Asus S101 upside down, you will see a panel with 2 screws in it, this is the “easy access panel” take the two screws off and remove the panel, you will now see the old wifi adaptor, this is Atheros based, but based on their new chipset so will not work, remove this adaptor, (carefully taking the antennas off, they just easily pull away). Now click your new WiFi adaptor into place, connect the antennas again and re-screw the easy access panel back into place.

Your s101 should now look normal again… boot it up and WiFi will automagically start working!!! The entire process should only take around 1.5 hours, if i’ve missed anything, or if you have any questions etc, just post a comment and i’ll be sure to respond! Enjoy, Happy Hackint0shing! =)

UPDATE October 2009

Everyone seems to be asking a lot of questions… here are the answers 🙂

Q – Will the WiFi work on linux/windows with new card?

A – Yes, although on Windows you’ll need the bootcamp drivers (

Q – Time machine relies on the MAC address of ethernet to create a backup

A – Several work arounds, my suggestion would be creating a fake ethernet interface and setting its mac in Terminal, (ifconfig en0 ether AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF

Q – VGA Out works? and Ethernet?

A – VGA out work nicely 🙂 only with the driver i provided though, not others. Ethernet sadly doesn’t work (last time i checked).

Q – Boot from USB problem with cursor _ blinking.

A – Incorrectly setup the USB stick… remember its not creating a usb install for a Mac its creating one for a hackint0sh…

Q – Does the webcam work?

A – Yes 🙂

Q – Another does VGA out work?

A – Yes 🙂

Hope this helps you all =)



3 thoughts on “Asus EeePC S101 to Asus Macbook Nano OSX86

  1. Will Windows or Linux still be able to operate with WiFi using the new card? Or does this method assume that we will be done with other OSes entirely? My hope is to have interoperable hardware with partitions for Linux, OS X, and Windows (My S101 is a later model with an HDD of 160 GB which I am upgrading to 320 GB)..

    Thanks and great work!

  2. How about time machine? Cause time machine relies on the MAC Address of the Ethernet adapter to create a backup.
    So once I try to let Time Machine run it will have an error because it can’t find the Mac address.

    Any solution for this? would be great.

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