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Remember swiftboating and flip flopping? As one Democratic

Destroying Romney right way for Pres

Politico moncler outlet usa reports the president campaign will center on a personal assault on Mitt Romney character and business background. This is based on the expectation that the moncler outlet canada Republican front runner will be his party likely nominee.

The president aides have apparently been studying former president George W. Bush 2004 takedown of Democratic Sen. John Kerry. Remember swiftboating and flip flopping? As one Democratic strategist tells Politico, things change and Obama can run on accomplishments, he will have to kill Romney. Figuratively speaking.

moncler outlet Sources say there are two aspects to the strategy. The first is to go after Romney on a personal level as inauthentic, unprincipled and second is moncler outlet uk to go after the former Massachusetts governor record as a businessman. He was CEO of the venture capital firm Bain Capital, which both created and eliminated jobs. The goal is to paint Romney as the picture of greed.

buy moncler jackets Romney campaign describes this strategy as despicable, desperate and moncler coats for women disgraceful. They insist there nothing the president can do to make the election anything but a referendum on the economy. And they may very well have a point if things continue in the direction we headed.

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign is pushing back against Politico story saying anyone who claims to hold a ball for their strategy doesn speak for the campaign. And they claim that Romney is shedding tears. the games begin.

cheap moncler Here’s my question to you: Is destroying Mitt Romney the right way for President Obama to try moncler jackets outlet to win a second term?

cheap moncler coats Interested to know which ones made it on air?

moncler outlet sale If moncler outlet online store Obama can find a way to show some leadership, and soon, my moncler jackets mens aunt Mable will be able to beat him. The moncler outlet hope people voted for has turned out to be false hope. Hillary, we going to need ya.

Wait! Now you talking about ethics in politics. That an oxymoron kind of thingy. Get a grip on yourself, Jack.

I don see where Obama has much choice. With the deck constantly being stacked against an economic recovery, what else can Obama do? He proven to be a lousy negotiator so I don look for anything other than across the board cuts to come of the new committee either. That just tank the economy more.

cheap moncler outlet The change from the positive theme and Change in 2008 to the negative theme Mitt Romney theme in 2012 tells you all you need to know about why President Obama ratings are tanking fast.

cheap moncler sale It is a sad state of affairs but we have elected our presidents over the past moncler coats cheap few decades based solely on whoever does the best hatchet job on the other guy.

moncler sale If that the president plan, then he didn learn anything from his own victory. What he needs to watch out for is the sleeper, not the front runner. If Romney gets the Republican nomination, then the Republicans have lost already, because the voters will be looking for more change than what Romney is offering.

moncler outlet online Whether it the right way or the wrong way is effectively irrelevant because it might be the only way.

Why? Because cheap moncler jackets outlet Mitt Romney and the other Republican hopefuls would never stoop to besmirching Obama good name?

monlcer down jackets I noticed https://www.moncleroutletmall.com that every time Obama takes the high road and refuses to defend himself, or the issues he cares about, and Republican voices are the only ones heard, the moncler jackets for women Republicans moncler jackets kids manage to convince a lot of people that they right about crazy stuff like Death Panels, Obama being born in Kenya, Obama being a Muslim, etc.

moncler outlet store It a losing strategy. People tend to believe what they hear over and over again, whether it true or not. It called the Big Lie technique.

I sure Republicans have noticed that, too, and would prefer Obama to keep taking moncler coats outlet the high road, instead of fighting fire with fire.

moncler mens jackets I don see where moncler jackets Obama has much choice. That just tank the economy more.

The only moncler jackets on sale other cheap moncler coats for women thing I can see that might win the election for Obama would be to pull out our Discount Moncler Coats troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and the other 70% of the planet countries where we have boots on the ground. But then, who hire the returning troops?

We screwed, might as well throw in everything but the kitchen sink I guess.

Jack there is not much else Obama can claim for his time in office except for the fact that our military got Osama Bin Laden. Obama didn get anyone but our military was a success. I suppose he can claim that he destroyed our triple AAA credit rating on his moncler outlet kids watch but I don think that will win him many votes. The only thing the man has left is an all out offensive against anyone that runs against him. Even that and all the billions moncler coats sale of dollars he has been able to raise moncler outlet woodbury might not put Obama back in office.

moncler sale outlet Frankly, yes I would moncler outlet online love to see Obama fight any republican or bagger who opposes him to their political death. As to Mitt Romney, he is legendary for fighting down and dirty it high time the Democrats, who have always shown class and fought with intelligence and only moncler coats for kids rarely engaged in mud slinging, grow some cojones and let have it. We can move forward under Bushthink or Rovethink. Those days are done. It time for REAL Progressive Democrats to stop wimping out, stand up for what we believe in, and turn this country around. We need an FDR or a Kennedy. has their own political agenda and can moncler outlets uk he figure how to make them compromise Official Moncler Outlet for the good of the country, I afraid he have few if any other options moncler outlet location other than what you suggest. nod, then cheap moncler jackets wholesale yes, a moncler black friday sale strategy of the flip flopping, Johnny Come Lately opiner on moncler jackets outlet online the Debt Ceiling and job killing puppet of the wealthy might work. If it Bachman, there the nut case who prays the gay out and think slavery is the best option for black families while letting the country default. If it another cowboy conservative from Texas, he mixes religion and state moncler jackets cheap and wanted TX. to secceed from the Union (again). I sure hope the Pres. gets some good advice on leading. in a hurry!

Jack, our politics have devolved to a point where it simply doesn matter how one wins, just that you do in fact win and this cuts both ways: Democrat and Republican. This was proven last week when some Tea Partiers proved that they would rather destroy the economy, the world economy that is, because of their minority ideology, and now Obama wants to destroy an opponent rather than prove he the better man for the job. Its a shame because this is America and we were once, and should still be better than this, but sadly and obviously we are not.

cheap moncler jackets Jack, No, of course it a stupid way to run a campaign,(see Carl Rove, ect.), and if this is the best his can come up with, he lose the election before he even starts it. He been virtually written off by the moncler coats for cheap far left, students, and even a lot of to moncler coats start down that road would spell disaster for him. The far right enjoy seeing spilt that the very reason he shouldn even be thinking about trying it. Sounds to me like he needs news and a new set of priorities(a job pick up wouldn hurt, either). Layne A. Antioch, Il.

Are you for real? The Republicans have been out to destroy Obama since he took the oath of office. He has spent three years trying to work with them, trying to seek reasonable compromises, and trying to not engage in the moncler coats for men kind of demonization and sabotage that have come to characterize Republicans and their radical conservative cronies. cheap moncler The nice guy consensus seeking approach hasn discount moncler outlet worked, indeed cannot work with entrenched zealots for whom compromise has become a four letter word. I don know if flip flopping Mitt will womens moncler jackets be the Republican nominee, but whoever it is Obama must take off the gloves and give as good as Moncler Factory Outlet he gets. To suggest that this is somehow unfair to the Republican candidate is beyond absurd. American politics is moncler jacket online one arena buy moncler jackets toronto where, unfortunately, nice guys really do finish last.

All fair in love, war, and politics. The ends justify the moncler jackets canada means, so expect to see moncler jackets men smear campaigns, attack ads, and mud slinging.

This is nothing new I moncler outlet ny did this both in the primaries against his main opponent Bob Dole and even more successfully against Dukakis in the 1988 general election. Bush II, as noted, did it against Kerry in the 2004 elections.


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wij werken echt aan wat echt banen oplevert voor onze staat

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Werken, hoewel belangrijk, is slechts een deel van een bredere poging om de economische ontwikkeling te bevorderen, zei hij.

Het lidmaatschap van de Unie in New Hampshire ligt onder het nationale gemiddelde, met georganiseerde arbeid die 9,4 procent van de werkende bevolking in de staat vertegenwoordigt, vergeleken met 10,7 procent landelijk, volgens gegevens van de federale overheid.

dit is een kenmerkende Republikeinse kwestie, maar hier is het New Hampshire niet zozeer een lakmoesproef, zei Neil Levesque, uitvoerend directeur van het New Hampshire Institute of Politics.


So I decided to let her out just a little

The symptoms of the patient were due to leakage of blood from the false femoral venous aneurysm during heavy exercise. He had no symptoms of leakage during rest, which means that the vessel wall was able to withstand venous pressure during rest. Therefore we may have prescribed rest for this patient if we had known that it was a venous injury..

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As for myself, I was silent, for the dull weather and the

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It seemed ok outside of a couple of, uh, scandals

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Bereavement related depression tends to occur in persons with

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