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Hij is een belangrijke bijdrage geleverd aan het open source

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If you have not looked after chickens before you will be surprised by the amount of waste and muck they leave behind. A chicken coop will start to smell in the space of a couple of days. Bearing this in mind you should build a coop that is very easily accessible so that you can clean the coop out easily.

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Instantly gain insight on someone else’s iOS App Architecture with MADebugTools

Just a quick post to say i’ve posted my first piece of code in over 5 years to GitHub. Its a clever little Objective-C iOS Category on UIViewController that seemlessly overlays a UILabel on every single view controller managed view with the class, nib or storyboard name that is used. Great for debugging old or inherited projects with minefield architectures. It uses some cool libobjc runtime techniques to accomplish this, but implementing the category is a case of dropping it into your project and Build+Go!

Category in Action

Grab the source code here as usual, follow me @italoarmstrong on twitter 🙂