Blog rebuilt and back online

After a few month hiatus, the blog is now back online. The old installation was about 10 years old, so its been manually rebuilt from scratch which should improve everyones experience browsing around. Expect some casual and technical posts coming in the next few days/weeks/months.


Compiling Swift from Source on the Raspberry PI

In late 2015, Swift was fully open sourced by Apple and hosted by GitHub. (you can find more info about both of these items on the website and Apple’s Github.)

What this did was open up a lot of interesting opportunities and potential for a lot of people / projects / systems. I’m sure the first thing on a lot of people’s minds was… “will it run on X?”. Well the answer is… sure why not… Apple already provide ready-made packages for a few Linux variants and there are also ready-made packages out there for other platforms too, including android :o. There’s no fun in using a ready-made packages though right? if you’re insane enough, why not try to compile Swift on the Raspberry PI? Well thats what I did and here’s what I found out…

If you want to get a decent installation of Swift up and running, including the compiler, Foundation, stblib then the whole thing consists of 9 different git repo’s.

Initially I tried a Raspberry PI Zero ($5 Tiny Computer) running the latest Raspbian. Unfortunately, after trying a few times (with each cycle taking around 12 hours), I didn’t get very far at all. First I had to make some modifications to some of the repo compile time checks, then manually install newer versions of cmake / clang etc, try different compilation configurations etc… after which the PI Zero sadly didn’t have enough memory to get to the very end. So for the remainder of this post i’ll be using a Raspberry PI2 running the latest Ubuntu Mate image.

From here-on in, i’m gonna summarise a little, as getting this far took me a few days of hacking combined with trial and error, of which i’ll spare you the details.


Ubuntu Mate This is the OS you’re gonna need to load onto your microSD before continuing. You could try with Raspbian, but i’ve had mixed results. NOTE: this only works on armv7 based PI… so as of writing thats the Raspberry PI2.

A full clone of all repo’s you’ll need for Swift, as you’ll see below, a couple of the repo’s are not the official Apple ones, this is because they’ve had patches applied to them to aid in compilation on the Raspberry PI

UPDATE: 2017, You can now check-out all the repo’s directly from Apple and it will successfully compile as PI support has been merged in.

sudo apt-get install git -y
git clone swift
git clone llvm
git clone clang
git clone lldb
git clone cmark
git clone llbuild
git clone swiftpm
git clone
git clone

In case you still want to use the old repo’s, they’re here for reference.

sudo apt-get install git -y
git clone swift
git clone llvm
git clone clang
git clone lldb
git clone cmark
git clone llbuild
git clone swiftpm
git clone
git clone

Make sure to clone all of the above into the same parent folder, so you should end up with 9 different folders.

There are a few dependencies you will need to get the compilation going, along with a few others added in for your benefit, as you’ll need them immediately after.

sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake ninja-build clang python uuid-dev libicu48 libicu-dev icu-devtools libbsd-dev libedit-dev libxml2-dev libsqlite3-dev swig libpython-dev libncurses5-dev pkg-config

Now comes the more nitty gritty part. You’re gonna need three resources for this compile. CPU, RAM and Disk Space. You can’t do a lot about CPU, however you can improve the RAM and Disk Space situation quite easily.

Assuming you haven’t already expanded your root filesystem to the extents of your microSD card, we’ll do this now using the easiest approach possible. There’s a neat little utility called raspi-config that is an aid to some of the common tasks you’ll need to do on your pi.

sudo apt-get install rasps-config -y

Now run it and choose “Expand Filesystem”, after you’ll see an option to change the Memory (RAM) Split between GPU and System, you’ll want to allocate as much as possible to the System for now, it’ll make the GUI a little sluggish but don’t worry about that for now… After you’ve changed the value reboot and thats it!

After all this, we still have a lack of RAM… likely around 1012MB (1024-12vmem) available. The compile of Swift will take a lot of memory to get things going, so we’re gonna enable a SWAP file. This essentially will allocate a portion of your microSD card for on-demand “RAM” that can be used when your actual RAM has ran out. Its very similar to how paging works on other platforms, but at the same time, completely different. The caveat is… SWAP on a microSD is very very slow, however you’ll have to make do.

sudo apt-get install dphys-swapfile

This will enable a file to be used for SWAP, usually on Linux you slice off a specific partition for this purpose, but as its only going to be temporary whilst we compile Swift, we’ll use our approach.

Now that all the above is complete, we’re ready to get on with compiling 🙂 We’re going to build a “release” configuration of Swift with no-assertions enabled, what this will do is greatly speed up the compile time (by around a factor of 2) whilst reducing the memory usage required. The trade-off is that you won’t have debug symbols or a great ability to poke around. For our needs, it’ll suffice.

From the parent folder you cloned the 9 repositories into, perform the following steps:

cd swift
utils/build-script -R --no-assertions

Now go and make a tea, watch a box-set of game of thrones and come back around 9 hours later… You’ll either find yourself with an Error, or a lovely compiled version of Swift on your Raspberry PI! If the latter is the case, lets take it for a spin!

~# nano helloworld.swift
  let message = "Hello World!"

hit (Ctrl+X)
hit (Y)

~# swiftc helloworld.swift

~# ./helloworld

Hello World!


P.S I’m currently refining this post to add a script that performs all of the above.

Questions or comments, hit me up on Twitter @ArmstrongAtWork


Mocking data for UI testing in Xcode 7

Over the passage of time working on different projects i’ve seen a lot of different automation frameworks to handle UI testing. Mostly quite similar, they rely on the concept of having deterministic mock data that will power your views, they then drive your views through a user journey to assert an expected outcome. Most of these frameworks follow the Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) approach to writing tests through their adoption of Cucumber, I won’t go into the details of these here as its not really relevant.

Xcode UI testing however takes a different stance and on my current project, we’ve used it more as a “no, don’t unit test that, its a view controller, write a UI test” style tool, rather than a fully fledged automation framework. What this really means is, we’re asserting things like “the menu only contains 5 items that match our mocked data” or “when you hit login an activity indicator view is displayed”; whereas in UI Automation land we’d be testing things like “given i’m a logged out user, then I enter text into username and text into password, then I hit login, I should be presented the welcome screen”… Or similar. So effectively we’re testing small discreet units of UI within our application.

The two things we soon discovered we’d need for this are:

 The ability to inject dependencies where possible so we can load views without always necessarily progressing through a user journey to them.

The ability to test our views deterministically. This means we require MOCK data.

Why don’t we just go to the network, we can guarantee our API? Well, basically because you can’t. If you can run your test suite in a nuclear bunker, surrounded by a faraday cage with no outward or inward connectivity, then you’re onto a winner. The ability to be deterministic, to be certain that if your test fails its not because of some outward problem, but indeed due to a problem with your implementation, is vital for this specific type of testing. Other testing strategies such as end-to-end etc can accomodate this.

I’ve seen a few approaches to mocking data over the past decade. The common theme seems to be either one of:

Running a proxy that will returned canned responses to requests, configuring your network to use it as appropriate..

Littering all of your network code with #ifdef UI_AUTOMATION… and returning canned responses from an NSBundle.

In each individual test case, creating stubs and mocked responses for HTTP calls on the fly

All work, but it can be a little easier depending on your use case. SuperMock is inspired by both… a framework that you can drop into an existing code base, provide it with a simple .plist that maps network calls to canned responses in your NSBundle, functions as an NSURLConnection/NSURLSession proxy, but runs as part of your application test target, runs no server, requires no network and only leverages built in components of Foundation.

Example Scenario:

You have a menu in your application, which is dynamically driven from a web service, the contents of this menu can change at any time, but you’d like to assert that given some data, it populates and draws correctly on the screen.

Given the aforementioned problems… bring on the MOCK!

Example of the required Mocks.plist

Example of the required Mocks.json

By defining your original/real URL in


of SuperMock and running 1 line (ok maybe 2) of code in your AppDelegate, you are able to guarantee the value of your menu items in your application. Making your UI Test case very simple to write and very reliable to run.

How to implement SuperMock in your App.

How to implement SuperMock in your App.

Now when your HTTP client fires off a request for

it will instead get returned


from the NSBundle you provided earlier. In your UI Tests (whatever framework you use), you can now assert based upon these MOCK values. Whats advantageous is that there is no more work to be done and no extra code in your test cases to stub out responses.
This is a short whirlwind tour of my latest little pet project, but expect to see feature like dynamic override of mocks (for use when you want the same URL to return different responses upon each request) and some more real world scenarios.

I’ll be using this framework a lot myself in my personal projects over the coming months, so I may tweak / change / improve / try not to break it, in the process. Right now its functional but not complete and needs a new ? / @ArmstrongAtWork


MacBook 2015 released with 12″ Retina Display. My Thoughts & Comparison


On 9th March 2015, Apple announced (among other things…) an all new MacBook, I won’t go into the marketing details as you’ll find those everywhere else. Essentially however its an ultra low power, ultra light, 12″ MacBook with a Retina Display. As a heavy 11″ MacBook Air user I can confidently say I think they’ve really pulled it out the bag this time.

Firstly looking at the overall dimensions of the 12″ MacBook I was very surprised to see its smaller than the 11″ Air (just about) in every dimension, whilst also being lighter and having a 1″ bigger display.

Device Height Width Depth Weight
2014 MacBook Air 11″ 0.11-0.68″ (0.3-1.7 cm) 11.8″ (30 cm) 7.56″ (19.2 cm) 2.38 lb (1.08 kg)
2015 MacBook 12″ Retina 0.14-0.52″ (0.35-1.31 cm) 11.04″ (28.05 cm) 7.74″ (19.65 cm) 2.03 lb (0.92 kg)

To summarise, the thinnest part of the MacBook is thicker than the thinnest part of an Air by 0.05 cm (which perhaps is a good thing if you’ve seen how thin and almost transparent the MacBook Air 11″ display is) and its slightly deeper, apart from that its almost identical in its dimensions, which is great if (like me) you’ve invested in bags/sleeves and the likes, all your non-technical accessories will still work.

Additionally its battery life estimates and tech specs are very comparable if not identical to the battery in the 11″ MacBook Air. Meaning you get your retina display without any compromise… Except one…

The next part of this post is purely speculation until proper benchmarks arrive, however, after some digging into the Intel Core M, i’ve noticed only 5 Broadwell architecture CPU’s exist and one in particular matches the top spec CPU mentioned by Tim Cook in the Apple Keynote almost identically. I’ll take a look at that top spec CPU vs the top spec CPU of the 11″ MacBook Air.

Device CPU Power Cores Benchmark
2014 MacBook Air 11″ Intel Core i7-4650U 15W Max TDP 2 (4 logical) 4156*
2015 MacBook 12″ Retina Intel Core M-5Y71 4.5W Max TDP 2 (4 logical) 2780*

* according to

What this shows is the 2014 MacBook Air 11″ in its top spec config scores 66% higher than the 2015 MacBook 12″ Retina. However what it shows me is that trade off has been made in choosing an ultra low powered CPU to maintain battery life whilst giving the user a Retina Display. Remembering, the benchmark used isn’t a real world scenario, its more of a point scoring benchmark and additionally, I have no idea what CPU the new MacBook 12″ Retina actually uses… This is just an intelligent guess. Interestingly again, both CPU’s support up to 16GB Memory, however the configs at Apple top out at 8GB.

Nevertheless if price wasn’t a factor, it’d be really tough to choose an MacBook Air 11″ over a MacBook 12″ Retina. Having a black bezel, retina display, edge to edge keyboard really sells it here for me. I was happy with the existing size of the MacBook Air 11″, but every little helps. Mondays keynote was the first time I truly agreed with and believed Jonny Ive when he said something along the lines of “we’ve really tried to optimise the efficiency of the MacBook’s design as much as possible”.


The next thing that sparked by interest was the inclusion of USB-C for… everything, (for those who don’t know, its a new USB standard that allows power, data + different standards over a single cable). I travel a lot and although my Air rarely runs out of a battery when i’m out of reach of a power outlet, its interesting to think that you could buy a 29$ USB-C to USB cable and potentially charge your MacBook 12″ Retina using the same portable battery pack you use to charge your iPhone / iPad, it is to be confirmed, but i guess it wouldn’t be reaching far to expect this. UPDATE: I can confirm you can charge your MacBook 12″ with a portable battery pack you use for your iPad/iPhone. 🙂

Power pack charging MacBook


Those are my initial thoughts beyond the keynote and various tech blog info out there and i’ll try to update this post once my Space Grey top spec MacBook 12″ with Retina Display has arrived and i’ve (with sentiment) retired my trustworthy and fantastic MacBook Air 11″.


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SuperRecord an ActiveRecord implementation in Swift

All the media buzz around swift seems to be having some tangible effect. I won’t go into the opinionated slaw of Swift VS Objective-C VS Swift VS XYZ here :). Many of you know I freelance in the iOS space around London and beyond for SuperArmstrong and one of my recent clients asked me to work on a greenfield project to replace a very old wrapped web app they had. When we got down to the nitty gritties, one of their few requirements was that it should be written in Swift. My jaw did drop a little… considering this was about 20 days after Swift had first been publicly announced. After some conversation, we came to the mutual conclusion that they were brave.

Like many of the apps I work on, this project relied heavily on CoreData, as a convenience I decided i’d try out a library that I have a lot of respect for (even though its had its challenging moments) “MagicalRecord”, having only done organic CoreData for the past few years. As you probably know, Objective-C and Swift can sit alongside in a project and work in unison… however, not all the interoperability is 100% sound. I soon started to endure strange bugs and thanks to the incompleteness of Swift lldb support at the time (especially when mixing with Objective-C) these bugs soon became quite difficult to track down.

The most annoying was this:

let entityDescription = NSEntityDescription.entityForName("Pokemon", inManagedObjectContext: context)

Although harmless… this would actually fail when trying to insert an entity of that description into your managed object context. The culprit here? the NSString to String bridging (or vice versa).

To get around this bug (which I won’t go into too much detail) I began using:

let entityName = "Pokemon" as NSString
let entityDescription = NSEntityDescription.entityForName(entityName, inManagedObjectContext: context)

Performing a forced downcast to NSString. So great, now it works… However, many of the MagicalRecord finders and helpers I was using, would not have these forced downcasts as they came from the Objective-C world. I first forked MagicalRecord, after delving into the source-code, making many changes for better Swift support, fixing some threading irregularities I then realised I was putting a lot of work into making something work that had more functionality than I required at the time. So I embarked on making a Swift ActiveRecord style “companion” to CoreData.

The reason I say “companion” and not “wrapper” is that I didn’t want to abstract away CoreData too much or remove the power from the hands of the developer. I wanted to make the developer’s life easier, whilst maintaining their flexibility.

I’d much rather do something like this:

let pokemon = Pokemon.createNewEntity() as Pokemon

and avoid the above lines + more.

Thereby SuperRecord was born. The original goals for SuperRecord were simple.

  1. Give me the ActiveRecord style finders I crave, optimise them, keep my application level code tidy, but still performant.
  2. Rather than me typing out the same code in each project to handle batch updates on my UITableView and UICollectionView classes, have a special “one size fits all” class that will act as your NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate, providing “safe” batch updated to your reusable views.
  3. Additionally, I didn’t wanna have to spend too much time creating NSFetchedResultsControllers all the time either, so I added some helpers for this too.
  4. Be written in Swift, keeping the public API’s simple and stable, but changing the implementation as Swift changed and moved with updates.

In late October 2014 whilst still very much a work in progress, I released the first public version and it was featured in the great iOS Dev Weekly newsletter. I decided to release it early as I saw a lot of discussion around CoreData and Swift and thought there’d be a lot of people interested in this OSS effort, so we could build up a good toolset as a community. I’m still the only maintainer… (not by choice) but its early days :).

Below is some extract from the but I suggest you head over to the project on github for more information and feel free to checkout the demo project also on github which shows how to use the safe batched updates along with some other common tasks.


Core Files

  • NSManagedObjectExtension.swift This extension is responsible for most of the “finder” functionality and has operations such as deleteAll()findOrCreateWithAttribute()createEntity() and allows you to specify your own NSManagedObjectContext or use the default one (running on the main thread).
  • NSFetchedResultsControllerExtension.swift In constant development, this Extension allows the easy creation of FetchedResultsControllers for use with UICollectionView and UITableView that utilise the SuperFetchedResultsControllerDelegate for safe batch updates.
  • SuperFetchedResultsControllerDelegate.swift heavily inspired by past-projects i’ve worked on along with other popular open source projects. This handles safe batch updatesto UICollectionView and UITableView across iOS 7 and iOS 8. It can be used on its own with your NSFetchedResultsController or alternatively, its automatically used by the NSFetchedResultsControllerExtension methods included in SuperRecord.
  • SuperCoreDataStack.swift a boilerplate experimental main thread CoreData stack. Can be used either as a sqlite store or in memory store. Simply by calling SuperCoreDataStack.defaultStack() for SQLite or SuperCoreDataStack.inMemoryStack() for an in memory store. Of course you have access to your context .context / .saveContext()


Create a new Entity

Assuming you have an NSManagedObject of type “Pokemon” you could do the following

let pokemon = Pokemon.createNewEntity() as Pokemon

Please add @objc(className) above the class name of all your NSManagedObject subclasses (as shown in the demo project) for now. Better support will be coming in the future.

Creating an NSFetchedResultsController

This feature is currently in progress with basic support so far, in future versions, sorting and sectionNameKeyPath’s will be supported. Until then you can create your own NSFetchedResultsController, however, if you have no need for the above missing functionality then simply use

lazy var fetchedResultsController: NSFetchedResultsController = self.superFetchedResultsController()

func superFetchedResultsController() -> NSFetchedResultsController {
return NSFetchedResultsController.superFetchedResultsController("Pokemon", tableView: tableView)

With Pokemon being the entity name of your NSManagedObject.

Delete Entities

I’m planning on adding much more powerful functionality around Delete soon, such as deleteAllWithPredicate() or deleteEntity(), right now all that is available is


Method Listing

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all methods and classes, however it includes some of the most useful ones.

  • NSManagedObjectExtension
  • findAllWithPredicate(predicate: NSPredicate!, context: NSManagedObjectContext) -> NSArray
  • findAllWithPredicate(predicate: NSPredicate!) -> NSArray
  • deleteAll(context: NSManagedObjectContext) -> Void
  • deleteAll() -> Void
  • findAll(context: NSManagedObjectContext) -> NSArray
  • findAll() -> NSArray
  • findFirstOrCreateWithPredicate(predicate: NSPredicate!) -> NSManagedObject
  • findFirstOrCreateWithPredicate(predicate: NSPredicate!, context: NSManagedObjectContext) -> NSManagedObject
  • createNewEntity() -> NSManagedObject
  • findFirstOrCreateWithAttribute(attribute: NSString!, value: NSString!, context: NSManagedObjectContext) -> NSManagedObject
  • findFirstOrCreateWithAttribute(attribute: NSString!, value: NSString!) -> NSManagedObject
  • NSFetchedResultsControllerExtension
  • superFetchedResultsController(entityName: NSString!, collectionView: UICollectionView) -> NSFetchedResultsController
  • superFetchedResultsController(entityName: NSString!, tableView: UITableView) -> NSFetchedResultsController

NSFetchedResultsControllers created using this method will automatically handle safe batch updates.

Developer Notes

This whole project is a work in progress, a learning exercise and has been released “early” so that it can be built and collaborated on with feedback from the community. I’m using it in a project I work on everyday, so hopefully it’ll improve and gain more functionality, thread-safety and error handling over time.

The next key things to be worked on are Optionality (as this has changed in every Swift BETA), the CoreDataStack, adding more finders with more functionality and improving the NSFetchedResultsControllerExtension.



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